[Video] Traveling Safely

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within today’s post, we’ve decided to provide a list of additional resources you can utilize to learn more about traveling safely.


Traveling safely is ultimately a difficult task and considers much knowledge and information. We highly recommend you take a look at these videos. They offer unique information that you may find helpful to your overall safety.

Additional Safety Tips For Traveling

Have you checked safety notices for your desired destination?

Chances are, you’ve likely missed this step as many elementary travelers do. Before embarking off on your trip, be sure to double check all safety notices and recommendations. More specifically, take a look at the Alerts & Warnings website.

Are You Healthy Enough To Travel?

many individuals typically do not reflect on the state of their health when preparing to travel. This is ultimately a huge part of traveling safely. If you’re not dialed into the state of your health, its highly recommended that you make an appointment with your local doctor. Further, we recommend reading various health blogs to help dial you into your overall health, and becoming healthier overall (for example, check out this health blog. After discussing with many individuals, we’ve found that traveling to high-heat locations often leads individuals to suffer from hyperhidrosis. If you fit this mold and want to be proactive about this situation, we recommend reading this sweat miracle review article

Are Your Bringing All Necessary Items?

before embarking off on your journey, double check that you’re bringing all the vital items you may need. Whether it be certain clothing, shoes, medicine, foods, or beverages, its ultimately in your best interest to double-check that you’ve brought the needed items to keep yourself healthy and safe.


Unique Traveling Tips To Keep You Safe (At All Costs)

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protecting yourself from unforeseen situations can be a dauntingly difficult task. Often times, individuals who are looking to steal things from you or take your trust in exchange for a monetary value blend and exceptionally well with the common population. When traveling abroad, individuals simply do not understand the risks associated with it and put themselves and their family at greater risk. In today’s post, we like to outline a few little hidden tips that can protect you and your information from the potential risk of others. It’s highly recommended that you take these tips to heart when traveling abroad and keep safety at the upmost importance.


Update: March 3rd

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Stop Sticking Out Like A Sore Thumb

have you been walking on the street and noticed a number of individuals walking around, and instantly stand out to you as a tourist? Generally speaking, individuals who travel to unfamiliar places tend to stand out in the crowd. This makes you prime suspect eyes of thieves and pickpockets. One of the most important things one can do when traveling abroad is to stop looking like a tourist. Obviously easier said than done, blending in with the crowd often can be done in a few steps. First, the puzzled, confused look on your face when walking around. Secondly, but the map back in your backpack when traveling. Nothing makes a tourist look at tourist more than when they are walking around with a map in their hands. Finally, walk with diligence and pretend like you know where you’re going. By blending of the crowd and not sticking out a sore thumb, you can effectively protect your safety and valuables while at an unfamiliar location.


Be Smart With Taxis

one of the most common issues with traveling abroad deals with corrupt taxi drivers. When traveling abroad, taxes may present themselves as a great opportunity from point A to point B, but they actually have the potential to cause a tremendous amount of risk. Firstly, we recommend that you avoid taxes as much as possible. However, we understand that taxes are sometimes required when traveling. If you decide that you need a taxi, always ensure that the taxi drivers have the official logos and branding on their vehicles. Secondly, keep all of your belongings within eyesight and reach within the taxi. Do not pay the taxi driver until you have all of your personal items outside of the vehicle.

Ultimately, there is no guarantee that the taxi driver that you found is not corrupt. Always trust your gut and do an evaluation before stepping into an unfamiliar car.


Protect Your Data

More recently, many individuals have found their debit cards and credit cards at risk when traveling abroad. Thieves and pickpocket is now have the technology to swipe your credit card information without physically having to grab your credit card. By simply being within proximity, technology allows for individuals to virtually grab your credit card number, CCV and expiration date. When traveling abroad, always ensure that you use a up-to-date wallet that offers protection against said card swipers.  This continues to be a popular pickpocketing technique and many travelers often forget about this type of issue.



Pickpocketers and thieves are more common than you might think. Not only this, but some of them are excellent at what they do. They blend in and know exactly what they’re doing. Be sure to follow the tips mentioned above and put your safety first.


CDC’s Approach To Traveling Safely

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When talking to first-time travelers who have not considered the importance of traveling safely, we always like to bring up the point that that the CDC has covered extensively. The centers for disease control and prevention has outlined a few quick tips that would like to discuss here in our very first blog post. The concert is overly simple and is highly recommended for anyone who is traveling internationally.


Step #1 – Be Proactive

before extending your wings and exploring mother nature, it’s highly recommended that you do the necessary steps to be proactive in order to avoid health and safety issues that may arise while traveling abroad. Simply put, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that individuals traveling firstly learn more about their desired destination. Understanding the culture, common diseases, animals, plants, and the like are vitally important steps in order to be proactive for potential unforeseen health and safety related issues.

Secondly, it’s highly recommend that you consider making a point with your doctor before you leave. Do your best to get an accurate picture of your overall health and discuss with your doctor any necessary shots, medications, or vaccines that are required in order to travel to your chosen destination.

Finally, it’s recommended that you take a hard look at your overall health at its current state. Would you actually be able to travel? Do you have any special illnesses that could cause you to potentially not complete your traveling? Take a good, hard, and long honest look at your health and decide if you can actually handle the task at hand.


Step #2 – Being Prepared At All Costs

We consider step two to be more of a damage control type step, however it’s something that should not be overlooked. Being prepared is vitality important to your overall health and safety. Some the common steps included for being prepared include packing the right equipment and food, preparing for any potential illnesses diseases or injuries that could potentially arise during your trip, understanding what to do if said illnesses or safety issues arise, and ultimately understand your trip goals, destinations, and schedules.


Step #3 – Protect Yourself At all costs

finally, step three involves protecting yourself that virtually all costs. Whether it be safety, or health-related, highly recommended that you pay very close attention to yourself and your surroundings. For example, if you find that you will be in the sun on many of the days, it may be smart for you to bring strong bug spray, sunglasses, a hat, and even sunscreen.


Although these steps are quite vague in nature, they help to encapsulate the idea of protecting your overall health and safety while traveling to unfamiliar places. If you’ve never traveled abroad before, it’s highly recommended that you look at each one of these topics in greater detail and ultimately learn more about yourself and the destination in mind. Your health is the most important thing in your life and it’s not something you should gamble with.